Pantone Colors 2016: Serenity & Rose Quartz


Pantone Colors 2016 - Serenity & Rose Quartz

The Pantone Colors Institute typically only choose one color a year, but for 2016 a take on a softer two color blend has been chosen – Serenity & Rose Quartz.

The blending of the two colors are evoking a mood of tranquility and inner peace, and the soothing sense of soft colors has a subtle influence in room decor. For example, Fashion Times has already embraced the 2016 colors for home decor and wrote an excellent article. To quote them:

You can say goodbye to this year’s Marsala and hello to these mood boosting pink and blue hues!

Then I also love “Design Milk” examples and links they provided to other designers and their take on PANTONE 2016.

I’m looking forward to see the influence of Rose Quartz and Serenity in other areas of design besides interiors, like lifestyle products and fashion designs.

Pantone Colors 2016 - Serenity and Rose Quartz
Serenity and Rose Quartz

The official 2016 PANTONE standard colors are Rose Quartz (13-1520 – embracing rose tones) and Serenity (15-3919 – cooler tranquil blue).

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