An introduction to VividRange, a fresh start from my previous site – Instinia. I hope the new site encourage me to blog often, adding my designs, ideas and sharing food recipes as well as my photographs that I love! I will start initially with sharing mostly about my photographs, and slowly experiment and introduce my other passions, like recipes and other designs I am working on.

When I started my photography I was sensitive to critique and protective of my work. I have been working on it for a few years now and able to look at my photos at a different angle, remembering the moment and sometimes I get excited to share my new photographs with someone. It also helps to compare my work with the great photographers out there that eventually influence and impact my style. I am keen to learn and improve, striving to capture another amazing opportunity for my portfolio.

Over the years I have gathered a large range of different subjects I have photographed, and I am slowly starting to focus on topics like travel, events, architecture, people, food and wildlife. I had the opportunity to travel all over the world, visit different countries and bring my camera with me. Sometimes it is really frustrating not been able to capture the ‘vibe’ and atmosphere, other times the smells and sounds, or the wind blowing ‘right through your bones’. And you always tell yourself – next time. So I will keep on trying, keep on exploring, keep on sharing those moments I had the privilege to capture.

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