Game Ranging: A Life Worth Living by Gordon Bailey


A new book by Gordon Bailey will soon be available and titled “Game Ranging: A Life Worth Living”. I had the privilege of reading an initial draft many years ago, as this book has a lifetime of stories behind it, the man (my uncle), a father and game ranger. His passion and love for nature and people is astounding, with a deep respect what he was taught by his experiences all those years in Umfolozi (now part of Hluhluwe) Game Reserve in South Africa, deep in the KwaZulu-Natal region. I was deeply touched by the stories and lessons learned from the book, having heard this for many years verbally from my uncle and aunt.


The reason I am publishing these photos is because I had the pleasure of assisting in a small way in this beautiful life story, and looking forward to see the many photos in the final print edition.

The one story I cannot leave out is the story of Soelie, the pet hyena. If there is one part you need to read, is how this hyena became part of the family. Only in South Africa…

Soelie – The Pet Hyena

The new book will be released soon.

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